Community & Organization Development

UNI Accelerator

Business Accelerator

Partnerships, Strategies & Resources to Help You Grow


1. Business Planning

Helping you assemble the plans and documents to organize your initiative

2. Branding

Assembling the look, feel and experience of the brand across all assets

3. Website

First line communication leading toward your primary offerings with proper SEO

Proof of Concept

4. Platform Development

We either directly develop your platform or help you find the developers who will

5. Product Development

Packaging and developing product and content for client consumption

6. Marketing Automation

Systemwide process and streamlining. Simplified fulfillment and transparent performance metrics.

Network Development

7. Alliance/Distribution

Building partnerships and distribution channels to spread your message

8. Media Campaigns

Building content channels that attract global audiences across many networks

9. Community Development

Specially developed events to help engage audience in more powerful ways


10. Sponsorship/Vendors

Bringing outside corporate partners to sponsor events, media and offerings

11. Membership

Bring community into a higher level of engagement through membership

12. Affiliate Reselling

Leveraging affiliates to create increased volume of word of mouth prospecting and marketing

Auxilary Services


We help secure the funds you need to grow and scale

Advisory Consulting

Access to industry experts who have already succeeded

Business Services

Plugin accounting, operations and HR services 


Full suite PPC campaigns on Facebook and Google apps

Partnership Details

We support you with all the critical elements needed to grow your business in a customized solution that works for you and your management team. We execute partnerships ranging from equity, revenue sharing or work for hire depending on the unique specs of your operation. Inquire within.

UI/UX Platform Design

Media & Growth Strategy

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Due to the large scale demands of accelerator clients we only accept select partnerships based on critical elements being in place. We assess this in a 30 minute consultation call. You can contact us using the button below to get started.

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