Unlimited Networks Inc.

Connecting Local Communities in Global Ecosystems to Create Meaningful Impact

About UNI

We are founded on the idea that people and communities working together can make meaningful social, commercial, industrial and spiritual impact with the leverage of networks, technology and media.


Our Mission

Is to unleash the unique value of people and networks and share it with the world through conversations and media that will empower every individual, community and organization to be a broadcast channel of information leading to word of mouth distribution of products and services.

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Hope Platform

Hope is a Social Commerce Media Broadcast Platform and global media campaign focused on spreading hope.

Media Broadcast Syndicate

Empowering communities and organizations to work together to create and broadcast conversations and stories that create new futures through ecosystem merging.

Transformational Marketing

A new paradigm of commercial advertising that leverages conversations and meaningful hope branded media.


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Hope Platform

Unity for Change