Building a Network of Networks

Business Initiative

Hope is a Social Commerce Media Broadcast Platform. The mission of Hope is to unleash the value of networks and expand them to a global audience through the syndication of viral content and media.

Unlimited Networks is a holding/management company for the companies and platforms built from the HOPE business model that seeks to cross expose the different networks to each other with relevant offerings.

Monetized Platforms

Marketing systems organized for engagement and profits

Media Syndication

Platform advocates working together with community networks to send media viral

Connecting Platforms

Using ecosystem merging to accelerate value creation across networks

Platforms We Operate

The platforms we are actively manage.


Existing in partnership with Kids Need Both Inc. this platform seeks to transform family advocacy through education and coaching. The programs receive referrals from court ordered cases.

Anuttara Worldwide

Existing in partnership with Anuttara Yoga this platform is a online yoga membership platform and is the first in the US connecting Mindbody to WooCommerce with the plugins powering Hope.

Future Platforms

Seeking Launch Partners and Investors. Foundations have already been laid on these networks making them suitable candidates for near-term development.

Hope Platform

Our first prototype and built around a catalog of human connection experiences. This platform is the engine of all the other platforms and place where networks cross and movements launch.


Continuing on the media/advocacy work we started in 2020 we seek to launch a worldwide Jewish Platform and redeploy our assets to connect Jewish Communities with each other and their supporters including Christians for Israel and Conversos.

UNI Business

A business success information network to drive sales of accounting, finance, operations and marketing products and services.

UNI Health

A health information/media distribution system to build a marketing network of doctors, health providers and pharmacies to push the leading innovations, services and products to people and communities.


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