Hope Platform

Yoga & Fitness

Studio Solutions

Scale your revenue, build community and multiply the value of your customer experience!

Studio Broadcast System

Have your own social media with e-learning, content management

Community Membership Platform

Go live straight on your platform. Total control all in your ecosystem.

Mindbody Integration

Grant access based on membership tiers, link to your studio operations system

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Platform Modular Solutions

We create standalone platforms, fully integrated custom solutions or out of the box templated platforms

Social Features

Connect your community with all the features you would expect for robust community management: 

Groups, messaging, timeline, events, directories and more!


Simplified community commerce. Sell your product easily and with ease.

Vendor based e-commerce allows community members to conduct transactions across your network


Manage learning, engagement and participation across your community.

We can gamify your community and integrate your messaging with monetized coaching solutions.

Affiliate Systems

Activates your network by creating affiliate incentives around the products and services you offer.


Publish and deploy content quickly and easily through native blogging and content publishing systems.


Build directories of professionals, organizations and resources across your community,

Livestream Interface

Having your Zoom meeting stream to your platforms makes for a consolidated community experience you control!

Interactive Calendars

We help you keep all community events in one place with Google & i-Calendar integrations and easy to integrate Zoom and RSVP interfaces

Membership Levels

We help you track, manage and maintain access to membership levels for your customers and community members 

Workflow Automation

User Experience

Workflow Automation supports user experience paths and connects important data to integral business systems

Data Management

Keep your most important business data at the tip of your fingertips connected across all your systems

Fulfillment Simplification

Business operations made easy. No more complex management and wasted time.

Hope Media Campaign

Tell Your story

Share your message. Who are you? Why are you here? What is your purpose? Highlight the unique aspects of your work. Where do you stand out against the rest?


Paint a picture of how your work can change someones life. Leave them with that choice to lead a better life.

Network Distribution Strategies

Leverage your network in a coherent action driven media campaign to reach larger audiences through viral affiliate sharing campaigns.

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