Nathan BenAmoz

Managing Director

At 21, Nathan managed vehicle deliveries at Tesla for the state of Florida, the largest delivery region outside of California. He was a top performer, on track to advance rapidly, with an assured successful corporate career but opted to burn his boat to pursuit his dreams.

Over the years Nathan discovered and cultivated talent in marketing and media. He has worked across industries ranging from Finance, Healthcare and Personal Developement.

Eli Chaimowicz


20 years as the owner and founder of the Lotus Center of Oriental Medicine, Dr. Eli has run a lean business on minimal debt and high margin services. Dr. Eli Previously worked in Business Development and Technology Transfer in the Healthcare Industry.

As well he trains leaders for a Global Transformation Company as the Head Coach for the Florida Region. He is accountable for this program which is the primary driver for new business. The Florida Center is on track to be the 3rd largest center in the world.


Josh Lamothe

Director of Web Development

Worked hand and hand with nearly a hundred business owners to re-fresh, re-organize and re-purpose their online presence so they can be proud to share themselves and their business and attract the clients and partners that they are meant to serve.

I combine my experience in personal and interpersonal development, business consulting, marketing and branding to help business owners develop strategies that lead to ideal clients, collaborators, friendships and referrals networks.


Leah L'Esperance

Creative Advisor

Leah L’Esperance is an award winning Creative Director with 20 years of experience in motion design and branding. She has worked with numerous networks, including HBO, truTV, Comedy Central, Discovery, MTV Networks, Syfy, Lifetime, Food Network and NBC as well as on national campaigns for Best Buy, Kohl’s, Nationwide Insurance, Time Warner Cable, Slimfast, JCPenney, Starbucks and Vonage, among others. Leah is a strategic thinker, who works across platforms to identify specific needs and drive the creation of unique, targeted packaging. She has a strong sense of branding and knows how to strategically maintain and build on that brand.

Marissa Sahai

Tax Advisor
12 years of accounting and tax planning working for Wyndham, Blackstone, BE Aerospace and currently works at a classified business development juggernaut leading teams in investment portfolio level accounting. She loves yoga, travel and Eli’s cooking.